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When it comes to your skin you want to make sure

that the products, the methods, and the technologies you use

would give you the outcome you desire.


 Our motto is: 'Safety, quick result, and natural look'!

We use innovative patent technology skin care with quality key ingredients, plants

and marine extracts. Our products are safe and gentle to your skin, there are no 'nastiness' from chemical preservatives. Meanwhile the results are noticeable in a very short time.

At the same time, we keep affordable prices possible because we believe every one can get an access to the best top treatments in aesthetic world.

Our treatments and skin care not only give visible result but also improve self-confidence, relieve the stress and improve the quality of your life.





We promote wellness, longevity and "four P':

They are the essence of our work, and we believe are the key elements of our success.

Dr Elina Hill graduated as a Medical Doctor. She worked as a classical dermatologist before specialising in Cosmo-Dermatology in 1992. During this time she collected a large amount of knowledge about the aesthetic skin problems associated with different climates and skin types. Dr Elina Hill has studied skin care products and techniques extensively during this time in different countries: Germany, France, Spain, South Africa and in the UK.


Around 20 years ago, Dr Elina Hill was making and prescribed only two products (Day Cream and Eye Cream) for her clients and also was developing many formulations before she moved to New Zealand. Here she has developed her own 'Dr. Hill professional skincare' products. Some of these products such as Ocean Pearl Night Care and Eye Cream were a winner from professional congresses and expo.


Finally, our company decided to open a clinic, as we have everything in our hands: excellent skin care product, the latest patent technologies, knowledge and experience.

We use only effective and proved (e.g. by FDA) machines and treatments. All treatments are certified. Mainly, professional skincare 'Dr. Hill" will be used for treatment but there also can be other professional brands depending on individual needs. 




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