Appearance Medicine


Botulotoxin injection

                                               $18.00 per Units

Example: Glabella -16 to 22 Units

                Forehead- extra 6 to 12 Units

                Crows feet- 12 to 20 Units

Areas, prices and other question during  an individual consultation.


Skin Hydration Booster(1 ml)-                                           $330

Special filler for eye area, Teosyal Redensity II                 $580

Medium/naso labials, chin, cheeks (1 ml)-                        $560

Deep/lifting mid face, cheeks and jawline (1 ml)-             $650

Lip filler(augmentation ,lines and peri-oral) (1 ml)-           $590

Combo of 2 fillers (excluding Booster)-$990

Combo of 3 fillers (excluding Booster)-$1300

Combo of 4 fillers (excluding Booster)-$1600

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