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Aquashine BTX is an innovative product for peptide skin therapy. It is a new generation product that provides comprehensive solutions in anti-aging therapy, it actively stimulates cell regeneration and renewal, improving the skin’s structure. The peptide complexes are causing the skin to smooth. The hyaluronic acid contained in Aquashine BTX™ deeply moisturizes the skin and supports the ability of peptides to penetrate, prolonging their effect.

Active ingredients:
1) completely biodegradable non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, concentration 1,5%;
2) 7 peptides complex:
– Dekapeptyd-29, Oligopeptyd-62 – muscles relaxation,
– Acetyl Dekapeptyd-3 – collagen synthesis,
– Oligopeptyd-24, Oligopeptyd-72 – tissues restoration i regeneration,
– Oligopeptyd-34, Oligopeptyd-51 – skin brightening and lighting up.


. Before the treatment, the skin is anaesthetized with a numbing cream. Immediately after the procedure, slight swelling may appear, and small hematomas may occur on the skin. These symptoms disappear within a few days.

Three treatments are recommended at 4-weeks interval. Already after the first treatment, the skin is visibly smoothed and regains its shine. The next 2 treatments strengthen the effect of the peptide complex, causing visible reduction of wrinkles and improvement of the elasticity.


As a result of the treatment, the following takes place:
• loosening of muscle fibers in the skin and mimic muscle fibers, which are integrated into the skin,
• regeneration and renewal – stimulating peptides actively regenerate and fill the intercellular space of the skin, improving its structure and density,
• revitalization – hyaluronic acid is found in two multiparticle forms, which ensures quick hydration of the skin, as well as supports the ability of peptides to slowly release and penetrate, prolonging their effects,
• increasing the control of all anabolic and catabolic processes in the skin and its firmness.

Treatment Duration: 90 min                          

Cost: $320 for a single treatment

          $820 for a course of 3 treatments

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