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Detox Treatment


Detox Treatment

will remove of Cell Waste !!!


Detoxification and purify the skin, looking younger for longer period

To let the skin breathe freely again, there is one necessary condition

With Clinical Detox Treatment the skin gets detoxified effectively.

Main Active Ingredients of the series:

Vitamin C

Aloe Vera

MARRUCELL (Extract from White Horehound)

Skin protection against environmental impacts. Maximizing of the natural skin detoxification system and the radical catcher. Improves skin own repair mechanism

PRODIZIA (Extract from the Persian Silk Tree)

Improves skin own repair mechanism. Reduces symptoms of fatigue with help of glycation & glycoxidation. Protects and repairs damages protein structures. Increases the energy supply of the skin. Positive impact of the micro capillary system.

Results from the treatment:

Activate the skin detoxification systems. Skin cells can breathe freely again. Reduces symptoms of fatigue. Skin looks younger and contour firmer. Kill bacteria and virus. Cleanse and balance skin. Skin look fresh and pores are refined. 

Treatment Duration: 15 min plus additional treatment​ or 

                                    60 min Detox Facial (including                                            Ultrasound with Ren You Serum,                                        lymp

Cost: $165 for a single treatment

          $540 for a course of 4 treatments

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