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Lipo Laser allows you to attain your desired body contour and inch loss and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to health professionals, Lipo Laser is the emission of low levels of laser beams which will help burn fat by instantly breaking down fatty cells in the targeted body part.


The Lipo Laser procedure is a painless that is way more advanced than traditional fat loss methods that require no needles or knives to help reduce your body fat.

                                       650 mm & 980 mm Diode Lipo Laser

                                       Suitable for all parts of body

                                       No downtime



                                       The cost of treatments is affortable

                                       Visible result after few sessions

                                       Each treatment is 30-40 min

Following your body contouring treatment, it is important that you take note of the following:

  • Increase daily water intake

  • Cut out alcohol, fatty foods, refined and processed sugars

  • Nutritional information will be provided to suit your lifestyle in order for you to capitalise on the weightloss opportunity.

  • Urination and bowel movement may increase as a result of your metabolism being stimulated by the body contouring treatment as part of the detox process to eliminate the fat.

  • Results are instant and long lasting as long as guidelines are met and maintained.

Pre Treatment


  • Heavy meals in the 2-4 hours before and after each treatment as this may confuse the body about what fat to metabolize.

  • Fasting before treatment - body will go into starvation mode and the fat may become more resistant to laser treatment.

  • Coffee, tea, or carbonated beverages prior to a treatment as these may cause bloating. Good hydration provides a healthy lymphatic system.


Treatment around time of menstruation may impact measurements because of bloating.

Post treatment

Exercise to metabolise released “fatty” material as energy source within 3 hours of treatment. Goal should be at least 300-400 calories aerobically. Consume ½ body weight in ounces of water daily.

Lipo Laser Expectations

Lipo Laser is a course of 10 treatment sessions where you can achieve reduction around 2.5-4 cm around targeting area. It is safe and effective and there is no down time. It is not magic however it still requires you to follow a sensible diet and exercise routine to achieve best results.

If you aim to reduce cellulite be aware there are more sessions need. Cellulite will go from one stage to another which is takes time and additional work. It is recommended around 16-20  sessions which are can be done  every 5-7 days. Sensible diet is also required.

Additionally, every treatment includes 10-20 min of Cavitation (Ultrasound). This treatment significantly improves the result and can be done separately.

Treatment Duration: 60-80 min​

Cost: $110 for a single treatment 

          $950 for a course of 10 treatments 

* Individual results may vary and there are no guarantees you will experience the same results as others featured in any marketing materials on this site.

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