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We would like to introduce you to

PDO (Sugar) Thread Therapy 

which is taking the aesthetic world by storm!

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PDO Mono  Threads price       $35 for 1 thread (for low face, neck,


                                                              $40 for 1 thread (for forehead, around 

                                                                               eyes and lips)

                                                              $30 for body (stomach, arms...)

Examples of treatments:                 Low face        20-50 threads, 

                                                             Around lips   4-16 threads,

                                                             Eyebrows      4-10 threads,

                                                             Neck               8-40 threads,

                                                             Stomach        20-100 threads

When 2 or more areas are treated possible each area needs less threads then been threaded separately, and the price per thread will calculated for less priced area.

How many threads will need will be discussed during the consultation.


PDO (polydiaxanone) sutures or threads is a fast growing cosmetic technology for tightening and lifting of sagging skin  all over the world. 

Besides immediate face-lift or skin tightness, patient will also enjoy collagen stimulation and boost of effect 2-4 months after the threads has been inserted.

What is effect of threads on face and skin? 

INSTANT LIFT through mechanical elevation

SKIN QUALITY though collagen stimulation, new capillary formation

TIGHTENING of the skin through contracting fat tissue

General Information

Threads are re-absorb-able and a scientific innovation, not everyone
wants to undergo surgery and often dermal fillers are not enough achieve the best level of facial rejuvenation.

Threads are now a viable alternative. They work by lifting and realigning sagging tissue. In the past the only facial threads available in Australia remained permanently within the tissue. If these threads needed to be removed for any reason the removal often required surgery and this could be very difficult and not always successful.

The latest threads are designed to elevate tissues and promote collagen formation in the surrounding tissues. Over time and as the threads slowly dissolve, the developing collagen ensures long-term life of the surrounding tissues. These threads give a far more natural appearance than their predecessors.

The thread lift is suitable for both men and women. The threads can be used to lift the brow, the mid-face and jaw, and to remove jowls and sagging skin in the neck. The thread lift  does not require a general anesthetic.


Who is a good candidate for mono threads?

The best candidates are patients in the initial period of sagging, first appearance of wrinkles.

Which areas are most effectively treated with PDO threads?

Face, neck, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, jaw line and double chins.


What are the PDO threads made of?

100% PDO polydioxanone, which is a clinically proven, bio-compatible and bioabsorbable material that is widely used in medical suturing. Its re-absorption is by enzymatic hydrolysis; in the third month, a 50% decrease is observed, that reaches 100% in the sixth month, thanks to new collagen production and deposition.

When are the results with PDO threads expected?

An improvement may be observed immediately after treatment, with a visible plumping effect in the treated areas. This will improve over a period of 2-6 months as new collagen is produced between the threads, thereby exerting further tightening to the skin.

How long do the results usually last?

It depends on age, genetics, lifestyle, smoking habits, skin type, amount of collagenase in the skin: approximately 18 months (12-24 months).

Are there any side effects with PDO threads?

PDO thread lifting is a very safe procedure and complications are extremely rare. Minor complications may include temporary erythema, swelling and bruising. Patients may feel slight tightness or a pulling sensation following the treatment, but this subsides over a few weeks.

Is any post care treatment necessary?

Avoid sources of heat (e.g., saunas), procedures that generate heat such as radio-frequency, no strong exercise, no massage. Make up can be applied after 24 hours, sleep supine (preferably),  and avoid sun exposure. Cold packs can be applied intermittently in case of inflammation, as well as arnica-based creams; avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, use preferably paracetamol if necessary.

What to expect

Skin rejuvenation

• Enhances skin quality
• Can be combined with other aesthetic procedures
• 100% bio-compatible
• Neo-collagen production + tightened and lifted skin


A local anesthetic cream is applied for 20 minutes before treatment. The PDO thread is inserted using a needle or cannula guide. The procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.



Can PDO threads be used alongside other aesthetic procedures?

PDO threads can be used alone or in combination with other aesthetic treatments, e.g., dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, mesotherapy, micro-needling, peels, radio-frequency, fractional Laser.

Are there any contra-indications?

The sutures do not have specific contra-indications. They should not be applied in case of systemic or local infection in the area to be treated or in case of inflamed areas.

The protocol in patients taking anti-coagulants is the same as for any other aesthetic procedure.

Autoimmune diseases are a relative contra-indication, the safety of the thread has not been established in these patients.

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