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A daily moisturizer that helps to provide the skin with protection against the environmental factors that lead to premature ageing and not only this. The Tea Tree Oil which is included restore vital skin moisture and helps rebuild the skin's protective barrier. The cream penetrates fast and gives non-shining effect.


All skin types

Product Benefits

• Superior broad-spectrum (UVA I, UVA II, UVB) of protection.

• Anti-bacterial effect.

• Non-comedogenic, non-whitening formula.


Key Active Ingredients

Titanium Dioxide, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin C Ester, Aloe Barbaolensis.

Product pH 5.5. 


Application Technique

Apply to clean and dry skin over Ren You Serum/other day cream or Serum or directly onto the face before go to the sun. If exposed to a large amount of UV then reapply every 2-3 hours. Reapply after exercise or water activities. Possible to use under make-up.

Dr.Hill Day Cream SPF30

SKU: 7
100 Milliliters
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