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This unique light weight oil- free formulation Serum  contains natural placenta protein specially blended with phyto collagen, royal jelly, rose water, gold flakes and vitamins.


 Skin Classification: Environmentally damaged and problematic skin

Product Benefits

• Rapidly  improves skin texture.

• Nourishing, moisturizing effects.

• Protection from free radicals.

• Stimulates skin immunity, helps oxygenation.

• Helps regulate oil secretion.

• Anti-inflammatory; decreasing the skin sensitivity.

Key Active Ingredients

Amino acids (important proteins), Lipids, Regulators of Growth Factors in Cells, QIO, Balanced Vitamin Complex, Micro Elements (Mg, Silica, Ca, Na, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Se).

Product pH 5.5.


Application Technique

Morning and evening or as prescribed.

Dr.Hill Placenta Essence Gel

SKU: 13
50 Milliliters
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