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This product contains rich Red Caviar Extract (from NZ),Algae Fucus Extract, which can rapidly improve an appearance of the skin around eyes.

For all skin types


Active Ingredients

Chamomile water, Hyaluronic Acid (natural moisturizer), Red Caviar extract, EPG (epidermis growing factor), Algae Fucus Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, African Tree of Life fusion, ceramides, Totara tree extract.


Product  pH-5.5


Product Benefits

Intense skin moisturizing, deeply nourishing, improve skin' vitality, enhance the elasticity , decrease dark circles appearance.


Application technique

Apply 1-2 pumps around eyes area 1-2 times a day                                                                                                                                               

Dr.Hill Red Caviar Eye Cream Tube

SKU: 10
15 Milliliters
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