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Especially formulated cream for neck and neckline has calming, regenerative and anti-aging effects. It  improves elasticity, prevents sagging.


All skin types especially wrinkly and environmentally damaged skin.


Active Ingredients

Water, Hyaluronic acid (natural moisturiser), Polypeptides, Liposomes with Q10, NMF (natural moisture factor), ceramides (nourishing), omega 6, DMAE, Selenium, tocopherol (strong anti-oxidant to repair epidermis), Totara extract.


Product pH - 5.5


Product benefits

Intense skin moisturising, calming and repairing effects.


Application technique

Apply 1-2 pumps twice a day on neck and decolletage.


Dr Hill Super Neck

SKU: 16
50 Milliliters
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