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Programs for neck

There are a number of effective treatments to dissolve different problems for neck' area, usually it can be a combination of them.

Lipolytic (such as Kybella or V-Line)

Reducing 'double chin' and improving face' contour.



Threads (PDO threads, biodegradable)

Induction of collagen production, lift the skin.




HIFU, Thermage

Improve collagen production on different levels, lift the skin and improve elasticity.






Biorevitalisation (Profhilo, Aquashine, Radiesse)

Improve horizontal lines, give to the skin "building materials" to rejuvenate









Remove 'bands' (neck muscle "Platysma") 

There are also can be added treatments Micro needling, Photo Rejuvenation, Hydra Needling and much more.

There is a possibility to find right treatments for you.

neck Thread-Lift.jpg
Neck- Thermage.png
neck kybella.jpg
neck botox.jpg
neck profhilo.jpg

Anti-Acne Program (AA)


Our special Anti-Acne program includes:

6 X Carbon Rejuvenation Carbon Peels (fortnightly)


6 X Non-needle Mesotherapy (special product infusion, performed complimentary immediately after each Carbon Peel). 


Dr.Hill Facial Cleanser Gel (125 ml)

Dr.Hill Facial Toner (125 ml) X 2

Dr.Hill Day Cream SPF 20 (100 ml)

Dr.Hill RenYou Serum (50 ml)

Dr.Hill Active Care Gel (50 ml) X 2


for 6 sessions (5 + 1 free) and 7 skincare products                                                                                                                                                                                                        $1450

November, December 2020 - $899  

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